What We Do

OnwardBull Investments is a boutique agency in Sydney that believes in doing things differently better.  Our approach is integrative and forward-thinking. 


We bring interested parties together in the sale of businesses, origination opportunities and real estate opportunities that are impactful to all parties.  In this journey fraught with challenges, we preempt problems and integrate solutions.


We hate conflicted advice and treating our clients as mere transactions.  We see a purposeful journey with the people we help until they reach their destination successfully, safely and fulfilled. 


We leverage on our network to offer you both outstanding commercial and residential real estate opportunities - in leasing or sales.  We work with leading industry partners to offer a selection of quality options in Sydney and within Australia. 



You want tentative care of your commercial properties and assets, ensuring tenants stay, and doing the little things right, such as collecting all due income for you.   We get that!  

And more.  
We cross-access our extensive database to find you tenants as quickly as possible, with minimum vacancy period.  


The journey to a successful business purchase is often complex, fraught with unexpected challenges and high personal risks for both parties.  Our Business Sales Specialists and resident experts can guide you through the minefield to success.


Our team brings an integrative approach to acquiring investments, real estate and businesses, as well as those seeking to divest their assets.


The acquisition and divestment process requires many moving parts in proper co-ordination across financing, immigration, consulting, asset presentation & staging, marketing and legal considerations.  

We seek to continually expand and integrate our internal/external capabilities to make this happen.


In our arsenal is Big Data. We have access to  big data and artificial intelligence to help our clients with laser precision outcomes. 

Large data sets are analysed computationally to reveal patterns and trends that may accelerate the aligning process between sellers and purchasers.

This significantly reduces guess work, experimentation on the market and time. 


We believe in using technology to do things differently better.  

We are constantly exploring and developing our own new technology to deliver better results.  For example, we have our own explosive proprietary app on a platform that can reach out to potentially over one billion buyers and investors. 

We use these technologies to align the most ideal purchasers to sellers.  


The way an opportunity presents itself to potential investors and purchasers takes skilful crafting and preparation. 


This is where expert consulting can help you to shape and prepare your business in a way that attracts the right interested parties.  


Where needed, our experts offer unconflicted consulting and advisory to shape your business that resonates with purchasers.


In our integrative approach, we have the option of cutting edge marketing tools that resonates to your desired outcomes.  

We don't merely rely on online ads. 


For instance, we engage bottomline marketing to bolster turnover in the shortest time possible to improve valuation and net profits.  This effectively solves most of the other problems. 

Our experts in  digital reach are the best in their fields.

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