This is definitely a high-value milk tea brand. Whether it is store decoration or product design, it reveals the ingenuity of the brand operator everywhere. Therefore, the brand itself is a trendy brand that takes customers and has received the attention and love of funs.

After the brands came to Australia, they implemented their operational characteristics. In terms of store design, there is no best but better, each one is amazing. The product line is divided into two types: Faison milk tea and European soft bread. Not only the taste is good, but the appearance is impeccable.

The business is located in Sydney's inner west, adjacent to the railway station and busy Chinese supermarkets. The geographical position is unique. The business owner values product quality, customer service and other details, and carefully loved ones by surrounding customers. On the basis of the original products, we are also committed to the development of new product lines.

The business operation is characterized by high turnover and high-profit return. if you are interested in knowing more information, please sign a confidentiality agreement or call for enquiry: 0488 666 678