Well established Japanese BBQ - Ryoma - Mainly serving high-quality Wagyu M9 from the Suzuki Farm Wagyu. The Suzuki family apply traditional Japanese techniques to bring full Japanese Wagyu beef quality to a few select restaurateurs. Ryoma is one of them.

The Ryoma brand has developed very well. It has no impacts due to the pandemic in 2020. First opening in 2015, the annual turnover has exceeded 2 million.

Opportunity arises. There is an 80 square meter shop on the main street of Waterloo, next to the Machi Machi ( bubble tea star in 2020). The rent is only $70,000 per year + GST included Outgoings, 10 BBQ tables, 40 seats. Serve in the Buffet concept. This business will be easy operation and high return.