Well-known food delivery platform - sub-agent - Northwest area for sale. Mainly serve various businesses in the area, including coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores, etc. The driver will deliver the items ordered by the customers thru the platform to the door. The sub-agent will charge a service fee to each order.

The serving area includes 15 suburbs in the northwest. According to statistics, the population of the three of the 15 suburbs is similar to that of Parramatta. Same as the family income. Also, there is more than 300 business on Uber eats platform, of which the number of Asian types is close to 200. Assuming that only 50% of the merchants have ordered every day, and just five orders a day, the turnover easily exceeds $10,000: high return and lots of potentials. Due to family reasons - has to sell. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.