Well-Known fried chicken takeaway business - high-profit margin - easy operation - can be build franchise easily. It mainly serves various fried chicken, chicken wings, fries, drinks, etc., similar to KFC, with high reviews on the taste.

Located at the entrance of the railway station with high foot traffics.
It ranks first on the regional food delivery platform, and its order over thousands every week.

Easy operation, the owner works one day a week to process the ingredients. Staffs in the shop only need to process the food. No chef required. In addition to its operations, it provides semi-processed products to several restaurants in Sydney. The turnover of the week before the pandemic was more than $22,000; online orders were hot under the pandemic situation, and it was open as usual in April, the worst of this year. The food cost below 25%, the rent$2832+GST per week. The business model has taken shape and is very suitable for franchise operations. The vendor is ready to move overseas and sincerely sell it for $420,000+Stock. Interested contact for details.