Machi Machi is a well recognized global milk tea brand and franchise originated from Taiwan, provides premium quality milk tea with creative innovations and high standard process. Customers also affectionately call this the "Jay Chou" milk tea with reference to the purported celebrity by the same name that supports and patronises this product/business!

Machi Machi continues to boost its ultra-high profile by aesthetic store desigh, effective marketing and innovative, high quality products.

Machi Machi has presence across the globe in 12 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, France, China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore. As a proven concept, Machi Machi landed successfully in Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD. In 2020, Machi Machi opened its Burwood store.

Even COVID-19 can't stop its momentum. Sales continue to climb due to the power of Machi Machi's brand recognition, and the customers' genuine affection for its product/beverages.

Location Details

Franchisees are all regional agents and have the privilege to choose their favourite locations for their stores. Control over the lease will be handed to the franchisee. Machi Machi will provide maximum support for franchisees and help to source great locations and lease conditions.

Marketing Support

Machi Machi's creative marketing team will support you with marketing campaigns that are effective and proven to generate sales, across various seasons with seasonal items and promotions. The franchise operates national marketing campaigns across social media and digital marketing channels. As a partner, you will be assisted in running your local area marketing programs to drive and grow your business.

Training Provided

Machi Machi is dedicated to providing quality, personalized, and individualized training to each and every partner. Ongoing support for the term of the franchise agreement is assured. You’ll receive three weeks of intensive training prior to your store opening, along with one week of instore support from one experienced consultant from our team when you first open.

Are You Right For The Opportunity?

Machi Machi is looking for passionate, hard-working people who will mesh well with our fun, innovative culture. Ideal partners are:
• Fun, outgoing and passionate people
• Looking to transform retail or customer service experience into an exciting business venture
• Willing to commit the necessary time and effort
• People who enjoy a great work-life balance
• Financially secure
• Willing to take advice and direction to successfully achieve the Machi machi vision

Length of Franchise Agreement

The length of the agreement will reflect the lease.

Setup Costs
Setup costs start from just $300,000 - $400,000! This includes design and documentation fees, training, shop fit-out, stock, and equipment. There is also an ongoing monthly royalty of 3.5% and a marketing levy of 1%.

Ongoing Support

With a machi machi franchise, you’re not just supported at the start of your journey. There is ongoing support throughout the partnership. The support will include managing admin duties, staff hiring, bookkeeping, rostering and more.

To ensure your success, Machi Machi offers on-demand business advice so as to help you to improve operations, turnover and profits! Machi Machi conducts nationwide marketing campaigns as well as providing you with the tools to market locally.

If you see success being a partner of Machi Machi, please contact our agency without delays!