*High Quality Asset*Asian Seafood Brunch/buffee Restaurant in Sydney City Fringe


This restaurant has been set up to perfection, featuring a first class kitchen and a superb fit out costing in excess of $700,000+ only a years ago. Run fully under management.


$33,750 pw


$3,400 pw


$27,785 pw

Net Profit

$5,965 pw


The Restaurant has only been promoted on Facebook, no any other public promotions, and it's could increase the promotion through local media to increase revenue.


open 7 days , Mon--Sun 12pm--10pm


- 8 years lease ,commenced from Sep 2018
- 3 months bank guarantee. 
- 5% annual increases.


Under full management - 1 Manager. + 4 full times. + 5 casuals

About the Business

Thai food is famous all over the world, and the Thai restaurants in the center of Sydney are also scattered all over the streets, and then the Thai seafood buffet is the first and the most upscale one. 

The Restaurant is located in the Sydney City Fringe, near the university of Sydney and UTS. The restaurant is clean and tidy, with an indoor area of 120 square meters, which can accommodate about 60 people and 24 people outside. All seafood comes from Sydney fish market, and all kinds of seafood materials are delivered every day to keep them fresh and clean.

In addition, the restaurant is fully licensed to serve alcohol and drinks.

Business hours: 
open 7 days. 12pm- 10pm.

The lease:
8-year lease starts from Sep 2018-3 months bank guarantee. -5% annual increase.

Under full management-1. + 4 full times. + 5 casuals

* special terms *

All of the store's equipment, about $200,000, belongs to Leasehold, and the weekly payment is about $2,885. If the buyer takes over the company, the payment can be continued, and if the company name is changed, an additional full payment is required.

*High Quality Asset*Asian Seafood Brunch/buffee Restaurant in Sydney City Fringe


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