XKR1018 - Supermarket - Under management - No competition

Supermarket selling a wide range of products including groceries, fruit & vegetables, confectionery, dairy products, cigarettes, phone cards, soft drinks, gifts, etc. at high-profit margin price. Excellent shelving at wide spacing gives products maximum display and accessibility. The shop is located in a local shopping area, surrounded by lots of residents and four schools. No similar businesses around. The shop is well presented with an area of 300m2 plus storage and an office area of 100m2. There are potentials to add more products including more fruit and vegetables, flowers - Could be developed into an IGA- Full-time hands-on owner will save on wages.  Also, there is a recycling business such as bins & bottles included in this sale, which can bring roughly $30,000 net profit every year.


Trading Hours

7 days - Mon. - Fri. - 7 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. - Sat. -Sun. - 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.


The current lease will expire March, 2025. - CPI annual increases. - 3 months bond.


 4 part-timers


Annual Figures 

Sales  $1,040,000

Rent. $88,000+GST

Wages. $62,000

Nett profit  $200,000

Stock $80,000



XKR1018 - Supermarket - Under management - No competition


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