85 Degrees Bakery & Cafe

General Description
This Bakery & Cafe store established in 2011 and is the first official flagship store of 85 Degrees Bakery & Cafe. Untill now, this franchiser has 16 stores in Australia. Thia business is very stable and there is no competition around.

the Local Council approves that activities can be held in front of the store every two weeks, and the income of each activity is $10,000 per month. In addition, I have monthly income from parties and business activities.

High profit margins - Great location - Well designed modern fit out

The store has three floors, and the Ground floor is for garage and storage, which can park two cars side by side.The business area is 350 sqm with 30 seats. The store mainly sells bread, cake, coffee, milk tea, juice and so on. The first floor is an office area, 260 sqm, which was rented out in 2018 at a rent of 104,000 a year for backroom escape activities (this part of the income is not included in the weekly revenue statement)

The store is located at the corner of busy road in Chinese area, near shopping and railway station.

Trading Hours
7 days - Week Day 7:30am-9:00pm | Weekend 8am-8:30pm

5 year lease expires April 2021 - CPI rental increases

Sale Reason
Moving overseas

1 Manager + 3 Full time + 2 casuals.

Misc.- 1- marketing fees

85 Degrees Bakery & Cafe

  • Figure Display Type   Regular
    Weekly Takings   $39,150
    Cost of Goods $15,070
    Gross Profit $24,080
    Rent (ex GST) $6,855
    Outgoings $2,080
    Wages $7,250
    Telephone $15
    Insurance $200
    Electricity $500
    Gas $450
    Misc 1 $1358
    Misc 2 $
    Total Expenses $33,795
    Nett Profit $5,355



    Estimated Stock (additional)


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