At Onwardbull Investments, we believe in Quantum Leap.

We believe that riding the wave is more important than creating the wave.  The ability to recognize and seize an opportunity is more valuable than creating the opportunity itself.

Right now, you are witnessing this opportunity.  There is never a better time to join us.   At Onwardbull, the market is extremely vibrant for us.  We have a tsunami of investors and buyers.  A large portion of our clients is well-funded investors and purchasers overseas.  In fact, we just have too many investors and buyers seeking to invest through us.  And there is a queue of businesses to be helped. 


We prospered in COVID-19 and we anticipate an even more exciting 2021.

Hence, if you want the quantum leap in your career that you've been waiting for, then read on.  

We are looking for:

1.  Junior Business Brokers  (Sydney)

2.  Business Sales Specialist  (Sydney)

We are not your traditional business broking agency.   We don't take half of your commission while you do all the work.  You earned it, so you should keep more.   We don't pay you wholesale and sell you retail.

At Onwardbull, we are about technology, innovation and creativity.  We seek to be impactful.  We love to look at challenges with different perceptions and different angles. We seek to create a positive impact for all our clients. To make this happen, we believe in doing things differently better.

By joining us, you will have the opportunity to shape our agency.  We don't intend to box you in.  We want your input because we are stronger as a team.  

Like other forward-thinking firms, we have a career path where you could rise to become Senior Partner and you could become an owner in the firm, and share in the profits.    

As a member of our team, you will be opened to amazing opportunities.  Yes, we sell businesses, but we are much more than that.  We represent some of Sydney's most renowned names in franchises, and you can sell franchise opportunities to our investors/buyers.   Franchises love us because we help them to grow and expand quickly.  And the rewards are awesome.  For mid-market businesses between $1 to $50 million, we have people in our firm that transform businesses and remove problems that impede valuation.  We deploy outside-the-box innovation to get them the results they want.   


I think you get the idea that we create positive impacts and you could be a part of it.

Our firm also invests in excellent start-ups and opportunities that are off the market.  If you wish to participate, we can certainly discuss these opportunities once you join our team.

We are looking for people with these qualities:


  • Strong integrity and a moral compass

  • Ability to think outside the box and use your perception to look at the same situation.

  • Empathy - be able to put yourself in the client's shoes

  • Search for a win-win solution that benefits all parties

  • Seek to create a positive-sum impact for clients over putting your own interests first.  

  • High EQ and AQ 

  • Good with numbers

  • Coachable

  • Good interpersonal and rapport building skills

  • Trustworthy

  • Self-motivated, disciplined with good work habits

  • Although not necessary, the ability to speak Chinese, Cantonese, Korean or another language will be highly regarded

If you are new to the industry, you will be required to obtain the necessary certificate/licence from Fair Trading at your own cost.  However, a Senior Partner will act as your mentor while you do that.  And full training will be provided. 

We don't want to stereotype the perfect person for the role.  However, we envisage that you could be in real-estate looking for a sea-change.  Or you could be fresh out of university with some family business experience.  Or a recent business owner.   Or in a corporate position assisting small businesses (i.e. bank executive).  Or you can just tell us why you want the opportunity. 

This is a COMMISSION-ONLY ROLE with potential for OTE 6 figure income.  If you are a person who values a stable pay-cheque, then this role is probably not right for you.  But if you want to grow rapidly in self-development and you like every day to be different and exciting, then we challenge you to apply.

Life wasn't meant to be hard.  So if you have been searching for that quantum leap, then take the next step. 


Please email your resume to SENIOR PARTNER, FRANK XIAO:

All successes have its root in a firm decision.   So trust your intuition.   


You will be right either way. 

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