Onwardbull Investments works with one of the leading business lawyers in Sydney - Joanna Oakey

Joanna  Oakey is a commercial lawyer with a passion for business. She founded her own commercial legal practice Aspect Legal in 2009, a boutique law firm in Sydney.  

She is the host of her own podcast channel, author and speaker.  Joanna is also the director of the online training directory www.Courses.com.au

At her law firm, she and her team are commercial lawyers who specialise in providing legal services to help businesses drive great deals in acquisitions and exits.

After graduating with awards and an honours degree in law, Joanna worked for some of Australia's top law firms.  She built a loyal client base and become a known speaker in the field of contract law.


Joanna has had more than a decades' experience training some of Australia's biggest companies and government organisations in contract law negotiations.

At her law firm, Joanna has worked with hundreds ofclients in the sale and purchase of businesses. This has provided her with unique insights into the 'secret sauce' of successful 'deals', and what lawyers can do to properly support and enhance this process.  

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Joanna also hosts Australia's top podcast in business law - The Deal Room (www.TheDealRoomPodcast.com), which provides insights into business sales and acquisition activities.  She fiercely supports her clients in the legal environment and helps them to thrive while protecting them from the unexpected storms of business.


Aspect Legal was founded on the basis of an unwavering belief in the need to provide real value, responsive service, and innovative solutions to clients – in a frank, uncomplicated and down-to-earth style.  The firm uses a unique 5 step methodology to run the legal process for each deal they are engaged on, backed up by stringent systems and processes that helps ensure service quality to all parts of the market and deal sizes, in a cost-effective way.  For inquiries, please click here


Managing Director - Aspect Legal  

Commercial and M&A Lawyer, Podcast Host, Author and Speaker

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