Onwardbull Investments knows that solving problems for our clients requires a wide plethora of expertise.   

We recognise in the synergy and accretion of what we do through the expertise of the best Independent Experts in their field.   This way, we will always have access to the best solution to your problem. 

For instance, a seller may have a big pay-cheque on one hand and a huge CGT tax debt on the other.   Or a client who is a visionary and wants to put a dream into action.   

Onwardbull Investments partners with the leading Independent Experts to get you there.

To request a complimentary discovery session with one of our independent experts, please contact us.

Michael Vale Avatar.jpg


Hospitality Expert & Visionary

The man behind the conceptual creation and launch of over 45 Sydney hospitality concepts, and three international projects, with one listed by Qantas insider magazine as one of the “Top ten” rooftop bars in the world. 


Commercial Lawyer & Business Law Expert

Joanna Oakey, founder of Aspect Legal is one of Sydney's leading business lawyers and the host of her own podcast channel.  Joanna helps businesses drive great deals in acquisitions and exits.  She is also an author and speaker. 



Digital Profits & Marketing Expert

As the maestro of digital profits, Naja is our resident expert on digital marketing.   He is the mastermind of 6-figure website businesses by taking complete control of online traffic and fulfilment without relying on Amazon or Ebay.  

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