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    Would you buy a job with less pay and longer hours?

      (SYDNEY) - I suspect the sane answer is no (all things being equal of course). So, if you have a business that churns over a net profit of less than $90,000 a year, which is about the average medium salary in Australia, then the sane buyer isn’t going to pay too much money for it - unless some of the other enticing qualities are there, such as more freedom, more flexibility, shor...

    Help buyers to response with an Information Memorandum

    (SYDNEY) - Both the Sellers and Buyers are not being served properly when their broker does not have an Information Memorandum on the business. For one thing, the Buyers are confused from the disparate bits and pieces of information on the business, and they are forced to draw their own conclusions - sometimes to their own detriment. Sellers on the other hand have lost a golden opportunity to...

    How to sell a Shopify or an e-commerce store to mainstream buyers

    (SYDNEY) - COVID-19 has pushed unemployment rates sky-high.  In the last 9 months, there has been an unprecedented number of people wanting to buy businesses. COVID-19 has wounded most traditional brick & mortar businesses and there is a chronic shortage of good businesses for sale.  A profitable fruit shop in Sydney's north was asking for A$350,000 befor...